Welcome to The State of Energy Management 2018!

Our aim in sharing this survey is to better understand your goals, challenges and pain points as energy managers so that we can continue building solutions that streamline and simplify your day-to-day.

This survey is designed to make answering as easy and quick as possible, and should take less than 5 minutes to finish.
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How many employees work at your organisation? *

How would you define your professional role? *

If you could use an AI-powered chatbot to help you manage your facility, which questions would you want answered? *

Which sources of information do you rely on when making purchase decisions for software? *

What about your level within the company? *

Which best describes your organisation? *

Which best describes your company’s average annual revenue? *

How much of that will your company spend on energy management technology and/or training for the next year? *

Which is your company’s biggest energy management challenge? *

For how many sites are you responsible for managing energy? *

What do you foresee as your top priority for next year, 2018? *

What is your organization’s primary approach to energy management software? *

What is your biggest challenge in using your existing EMS/aM&T software? *

What is the biggest driver of your clients’ decision to install energy management software? *

How does your company’s current budget for energy management software compare to last year? *

On average, how much time per day does your energy management team spend performing data entry or other manual tasks? *

In projects with multiple locations, what is your main challenge in detecting energy savings? *

In your opinion, which part of the energy management process do energy managers struggle with most? *

Do you feel that your organisation’s energy management strategy is effective? *

What percentage of your operating costs/overhead is energy-related? *

And how do you think this percentage is changing? *

What would be your strongest motivation to install energy management software? *

Thank you for sharing your insights, thoughts and experiences in energy management with us!

We can't wait to share the results with you :)  You should receive them by February 2018.

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