Energy Efficiency & Innovation Survey 2017

In our second year performing this survey, our aim is to understand the innovation challenges and opportunities of energy managers in order to make their work easier and simpler.

We designed the survey to make it easier for you to answer, and it will take you less than 5 minutes to finish.
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Which industry trends do you personally expect to follow in 2017? *

Which emerging energy technology are you most excited about for its game changing potential within the next few years? *

How would you say your organisation compares to the overall rate of innovation in the energy industry?

Now, 3 questions about your challenges on  2017 as energy professional

As an energy professional, what will be your biggest challenge in 2017? *

What do you feel is the most common reason to lose a project? *

What’s your go-to source to learn about energy industry trends and insights? *

For how many sites are you responsible for managing energy? *

In projects with multiple locations, what is your main challenge in detecting energy savings? *

This part of the survey will ask you about market trends and possible evolution of the energy efficiency industry. Click on button to continue!

In your opinion what is the level of evolution of the energy efficiency & clean tech markets? *

Where would you place the majority of your customers on the market maturity model? *

How do you feel about the level of financing for dedicated energy efficiency products and services? *

What is your perception of the impact level of government policy/regulation/legislation on your work? *

Do more of your projects come from national or foreign customers?

Now, let's talk about your challenges as company

Does your company have an energy management plan? *

Which of these challenges is of primary concern to your company overall? *

Which best describes your company? *

What is the biggest driver of your clients’ decision to install energy management software? *

How often do you interact with your clients to track their energy efficiency projects? *

How do you interact with your clients? *

What percentage of your operating costs/overhead is energy-related? *

And how do you think this percentage is changing? *

Finally, tell us a little about yourself...

What is your gender? *

How many employees does your organization have? *

Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the energy industry with us!

We can't wait to share the results - you should receive them by February 2017.

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